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Online DASPA Referral Form (TPN)

Welcome to the DASPA online referral form for professionals. Please be as detailed as possible and ensure all details are correct and accurate before submitting. We may be unable to process the referral if there is limited information and if this is the case, we will endeavour to contact you.


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DASPA Referral

Referrer Information

Please confirm that the person being referred has given consent. We will collect personal information which could be shared with referral organisations. We may have to contact you for further information if necessary to ensure the referral is forwarded to the correct team.For further information you can visit our Barod website.
Please ensure your name and contact information is correct in order so we can contact you if necessary.

Client Information

If NFA provide letter only address here.

Living Arrangements


Please give brief outline of substance use including quantity, route of use and how often.

Risk Management

Think about risk of harm to self, risk of harm to others, any offences that have included violence, any risk of harm to lone workers? If none write N/A in box
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Young People

Transitional Service

Peer Mentoring Under 25's

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Peer Mentoring 25 +

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Engagement Service

Health Profile

Include reasons why this is being prescribed and any other relevant information.

Mental Health Liason

Community Drug and Alcohol Team (CDAT)


Please confirm all of these in order to confirm eligibility.


Other Service Involvement

Support Needs

Primaryincluding Reduction, Harm Reduction
Include here any information in relation to restrictions on contact ie text only or where the client would like appointments (home / office / community)

Joint Allocation Meeting